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Are you planning a weekend trip with your buds?

Being the best man, you must plan the best hen  party for your best mate. Keep in mind that apart from ensuring a wild, adventure hens party, you also have to avoid disrupting your lads’ comfortable budget.

Expert advice: Discuss with them before finalising and booking any tickets.

Read on to know how to throw the best single life send-off party on a budget:

Plan ahead
Planning efficiently is the key to travelling on a budget because it allows you to identify your options and make an informed decision at every corner for the same. Be it stag do destinations or adventure activities; you all need to set your priorities straight to avoid going over the budget. Go step by step in the planning process, i.e. set a comfortable budget for the entire trip, then finalise the destination, attractions and activities. Travel right by travelling wise!

Travel out of season
It is not necessary to visit destinations during the tourist seasons because not only will you be frustrated with crowded bars and places but also be forced to pay surge prices for everything. Yes, the numbers can be unrealistic; from hotels to activities. The wise decision will be to choose destinations during non-touristy seasons and save your precious money. Some examples are as follows:
Avoid going to Brussels or Berlin in November or December; try Venice instead.
Amsterdam is less preferred in Summers due to intense heat.

Don’t juggle with your pockets
Staying ignorant of the fact that you all wish to spend limited amounts of money will do no good to any of you. The groom or you might be comfortable with any budget, but your friends might not be. So, don’t juggle with your pockets by turning a blind eye to unnecessary expenses. Not everyone wishes to go for a premium sensual massage or a high-end strip club. Plan something which everyone can enjoy together, and make unforgettable memories with your mates.

Book in advance

The clever thing to stay within a strict budget is to book everything in advance; from flight tickets to activities. As soon as the dates are confirmed, book the flight tickets. Research thoroughly to get the best rates for attractions and activities. Yes, you can find amazing group deals and save money on them. Ask for offers at hotels, attractions and even activities because there is a high possibility that you will land a fantastic deal due to the off-season market. You can even check for affordable restaurants nearby to avoid taking costly, last-minute decisions. It is not an unknown fact that you can save a substantial amount of money if you research thoroughly and wait for the right time to book a flight ticket, hotel and any experiences. Whether want a day out on a yacht or a male stripper from Sydney Hotshots , advance booking will save you a lot of hassle. This will also allow you to estimate a budget for the entire trip, and accordingly, spend the remaining amount when you all actually visit the place.

Don’t Be Rigid

Planning a stag do on a budget isn’t an easy task. Your mates might want to do more than what can fit their budget. So, don’t be too rigid on the budget cap. You can also be a little flexible with it and even plan efficiently to fit as many experiences as you can. It’s your best bud’s last single life party with his mates; it needs to be wild, adventurous and full of incomparable memories.

It is your responsibility to ensure all of this and more! So, plan it right and plan it wise!

Plan! Party! Stag!


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