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All set for your trip to London? Well, check again! You might be missing out on some awesome tips that can really enhance your London experience.

5 Tips to live the best out of your upcoming trip to London

While you might have some great plans for your next trip to London, there are things only a Londoner can tell you about what to pack. Where to walk and where to ride. Where to eat and where to hide. The best tips will be rare to find. For that reason, here we are revealing London as not most tourists see it.

1. For the larger part: Walks>Drives

Some might disagree but London is a beautiful city when for the larger part is best explored on feet. Starting from the famous Trafalgar Square, make your way towards the National gallery. That’s where you’d get to witness the story of European art. Moving ahead you can take a walk to the Westminster Bridge or to the Nelson’s Column or the Fourth Plinth sculptures. And that’s not where it ends. To find more places for a sweet walk across the city streets you can use apps like Here City Lens by Nokia. It’ll provide you with real time information regarding shops, stores, parks and all the nearby monuments that you can walk to.

PS: The best thing, you can get to say hello to Mr. Prime Minister as you walk down the 10 Downing Street.

2. See London’s 55 greatest landmarks in less than 30 minutes

Sounds crazy? Well, it feels crazier. Coca-cola London Eye is the name. It’s one ride of joy that rewards every passenger with a stunning view of the whole city and its 55 greatest landmarks.

3. Get a sweet taste of Egypt

  • Another way to traveling to London memorable is this. 
  • Adding to your experience, the British Museum houses Egyptian mummies and the world-famous Rosetta Stone.
  • The museum was built in 1753 and has a remarkable collection that spans over two million years of human history.
  • Also, apart from the Egyptian mummies and the Rosetta stone, other world famous objects such as Parthenon sculptures attract over six million visitors per year to the same museum.
  • So, if you want a taste of global history that dates back to almost two million years ago, the British Museum is your best bet.

4. Try out Matchday hospitality

Apart from all the monuments and sights to see, London is home to some of the finest football clubs in the world. Be it for the Manchester derby or for Chelsea’s nail-biting finishes, EPL has many claims to fame. And if you are a football fan, this is your chance to experience sports hospitality like never before. Just reach out to a sports hospitality management firm and they’ll help you. You can further enhance this experience for your corporate guests or your football fraternity by hiring a luxury chauffeur service LondonSome great executive chauffeur london services operate all across London. They might also be able to help you fix a decent sports hospitality package.

5. Relive the spirit of London Olympics 2012

We don’t know if normal tourists talk a lot about it or not, while in London you can still get to experience the vibe of London olympics 2012. Rented santander cycles are available near Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. All you need to do is get one for yourself and your buds and ride through the park.

A memorable experience, exclusive to London.

While you can indulge in a number of fun activities on your trip to London, without local suggestions you might still miss out on some fun.

With this post we tried to ease it out for you mentioning 5 ways to make your London trip worth your while.


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