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Team building exercises are essential for every organisation. They keep the internal environment full of positive vibes because they encourage employee communication, productivity and motivation.

Regular team building retreats help the employees get comfortable with each other. Your team will get stronger if the employees trust each other. Such corporate away day activities will also enable them to shed off stress and become more creative & efficient towards their work.

There are many retreat destinations in Europe, but the following are preferred more because of the variety of options that they offer:

  • France

Team building with a French flair is all that your employees desire for. From the French Riviera to Paris; you have various amazing locations. You can host your event in palaces, museums, galleries, historical sites, wineries and parks. Yes, you have a considerable number of event venues at your disposal. The popular activities include gourmet cooking challenges, wine tasting, Segways, gallery visits, beach challenges, fashion shows and adventure activities, like go-karting in luxury cars, etcetera.

  • The Netherlands

The most popular vacation destination in the world is Amsterdam. From abseiling and zip lines to water-based adventures at beautiful beach resorts; the Netherlands offer ‘em all. You can either book wine tasting tours at cheese factories for your team or plan a tour to pretty historical sites; making sure that your team spends enough time with each other. The place is perfect for thrill seekers, history buffs and erotic entertainment enthusiasts alike.

  • Belgium

How about a chocolate making challenge? Yummy and effective, right? From glass factory tours, chocolate factory visits and diamond factory tours to historical beauty and delicious breweries; Belgium offers more options than you can imagine. What are your thoughts on carpet making competition where your team has to brainstorm ideas and provide exceptional results? Heard about the Flower Carpet in Brussels? Other attractions are Ellis Island, the warehouses of the Red Star Line and Bruges, etcetera.

  • Germany

Sand sculpture competitions, wine tasting, beer making, Segway tours and luxury car events. Sounds amazing already? Cruising on the Rhine, admiring the vineyards & breweries, going on urban safaris and checking out the pre-World War II glory are some popular experiences of Germany which can be incorporated in your team building retreat. You can also go for famous annual events, like the Oktoberfest and Christmas markets.

  • Spain

What’s a better team building activity than planning a game of soccer? What’s a better place for this than Spain? You can have a friendly match among your team to teach them the value of working together as a single unit. Apart from soccer, other entertainment options are cooking competitions, beach team building activities and tours to historic sites.

  • Portugal

Wine tasting, corporate treasure hunts, ceramic making, bike tours and many mountain-based team building activities can be enjoyed in Portugal. The event venues can be castles, parks and even the Coach Museum. You all can go for tours to historical sites like Sinatra in the Sinatra Mountains to admire the 19th Century architecture, which is carefully preserved.

Some team building activities:

  1. Scavenger hunts
  2. Improv workshops
  3. Volunteering
  4. Kayaking
  5. Escape room games
  6. Trampoline parks
  7. Karaoke nights
  8. Survival situations

Why is efficient team building important?

Organisations need to understand the importance of making sure that their team behaves as a single unit and communicates with one another effectively. This will prevent negative results and inspire them to work towards better results.

They can help you achieve your goals in a much faster way. You have to act as the leader your team expects you to be. So, make sure you plan the activities correctly; something that keeps them engaged and involved through the entire event.


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