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Being the best man is not an easy job. Between keeping the rings safe and organising the stag party, there is so much to do, that it sometimes becomes overwhelming.

However, organising the stag party is one of the most fun responsibilities resting on your shoulders as the best man. The tradition is a sacred one, and calls for a no holds barred celebration for the last weekend of freedom for the big lad.

While the actual celebration is a lot of crazy fun, organising the stag party involves taking a number of important decisions. One such decision, possibly the most important one, is choosing the destination of your stag party.

Recently, more stag groups are choosing to go for abroad stag parties, especially to Eastern European cities like Prague, Budapest, and Krakow. There is no denying the fact that the idea of flying over to an exotic foreign land to celebrate the wildest party of your life sounds like a very appealing idea.

Prague has emerged as an absolute favorite when it comes to stag party destinations outside The UK.
What Makes Prague Special

Affordable Accommodation

Prague is a pretty affordable city overall, and the case with accommodations is no different. You can find decently priced accommodations right in the city. With several accommodation options available, stag groups can choose between affordable apartments and upscale five star hotels.

Efficient Public Transport

The Prague public transport system is as good as it gets. The tram is by far, the cheapest and quickest way to get around the city. However, getting around at night can sometimes turn out to be expensive because the only available option is a cab. With proper planning, this cost can be easily avoided.

Cheap Alcohol

Prague offers some of the best and cheapest beer on the planet! Moreover, with a collection of bars and pubs in the city centre, stag groups will have no shortage of options when it comes to finding cheap alcohol.

Thriving Nightlife

Prague boasts one of the craziest party scenes in all of Europe. With an abundance of young crowd and stag and hen groups looking to have a good time, the city is famous for having a fun-loving clientele.

A Prague bar crawl is an increasingly popular choice for stag groups, thanks to exotic local beer, rock bottom prices, and an abundance of great party crowd.

Activities You Cannot Miss

Kalashnikov Shooting

One of the most popular choice when it comes to day time activities, Kalashnikov shooting is popular for the obvious reasons. With lenient gun laws, Prague offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for stag groups to lock ‘n’ load!

Tank Driving

You obviously cannot miss the chance to drive around in an actual war machine! How often does one get a chance to sit inside a real life tank and maneuver it on a military grade obstacle course? Still want more? How about pointing the turret to an actual target and blowing it to a thousand pieces? Tank driving is truly an experience worthy of any self-respecting stag party.

Brewery Tour

Czech beer is one of the World’s most well known beer. Touring the city’s oldest brewery is a great way to keep the boys entertained for the afternoon. The tour ends with a round of beer tasting, sure to get the boys warmed-up for a night of binge drinking.


Prague is truly a stag do heaven. With a host of unique experiences on offer, the city is the perfect getaway from the hustle bustle of marriage preparations.

The city offers all kind of fun and exotic activities, making it the perfect getaway for a legendary single life sendoff. Pack your bag boys!


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