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The time has finally come where you, the best friend of the bride-to-be, finally gets to throw that fantastic hen do you have been waiting for. Bring in the excitement and let the celebrations flow as this is the moment when your bestie enters into the last night of her freedom!

Well, speaking of last night of her freedom, you by far must have planned about a grand hen do. If you are planning for a destination hen do, then you do not need to go any further. London has everything, you can possibly ask for and more.

Read on as this article gives you valuable insider information when it comes to a London Hen Do. Here are a few activities that you must try! Make sure to consult the bride before you finalise on the activities.

City Run – If you and the girls love a stroll then this activity is surely for you. You can engage yourself in a Scavenger Hunt challenge. This immersive experience will encourage and bring out your competitive side. Split the girls into teams and the first one to reach the goal shall be the winner. This activity is fun and is also the best way to explore the streets of London.

Groove to the 80s Tune – Clubs in London offer you that amazing chance where you can transport yourself back to the era of leg warmers and neon lights, by immersing the girls in an 80s celebration. Think of music, bright fashion and dance. The evening can be customised according to your preferences, and you can even throw in a karaoke to increase the fun. Don’t forget to take a group photo as you all dress in the top fashion trends of the 80s.

Zombie Apocalypse – If the bride to be is a daredevil and would not mind some adventure and thrill on her hen do; then you should definitely think about this activity. This activity involves surviving a zombie apocalypse. You will be facing all your fears at once. Test your riddle-solving skills as you try to escape the room. This activity is full of live action as you are trapped in a room with a zombie! Hurry up before the tied up zombie reaches you!

Afternoon Tea With Bus Tours – If you are looking for something subtle then London can offer that for you as well. You can hire a tour bus and get ready for an exciting ride around the lovely and charming streets of London. What’s more? These bus rides can also stir up some amazing afternoon tea. Not to forget those yummy scones and delicious cupcakes. If you want to make it the trip even better, you and the girls can bring your own booze (by paying a small fee) and enjoy while indulging in the ride.

Bounce and Shuffle – The Bounce and Shuffle clubs of London are literally the best ways to pull yourself a night full of fun games, delicious food and chilled beer. The bounce club has now opened up its private rooms for city groups to come and enjoy Ping Pong while having fun. Moreover, if your bride-to-be loves the game of shuffle than the London shuffle club is the ultimate place to be. It is your chance to show your skills and win over the table. You can also keep special rewards for the hen with the most wins!

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So I am sure that these experiences and activities are more than enough to ensure that your hen destination will be London only. You can hire a number of hen party experts who can help you organise an amazing hen party in London while you take all the credit!


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