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Travelling is one of the most refreshing, rejuvenating and bonding activity, there ever is. Travelling doesn’t just mean exploring a new place, it’s literally experiencing something out of the ordinary, daily lives that we all lead. During travelling everything changes, even we as people change. A different side of us comes out during travelling. This is mainly because we are exposed to different people, different places and are out of our comfort zone, which means we need to find different and new ways to survive in the new surroundings.

When it comes to professions and office spaces, we are all bent over our desks, staring into screens, 9 hours a day with limited interaction with our colleagues which is most often than not, work-related. A professional relationship between team members is built not only by sitting across from each other at work but also by indulging in non-work related activities. Travelling is the best way to build this relationship between colleagues for more reasons than one. Find out how you can blend travelling with other activities to make for a fruitful team building exercise.

  1. Out of Office Experience

Firstly and the most obvious reason for choosing travel with your office colleagues is to indulge in an activity which is outside of the office premises. The moment you’re out of the office, in an unprofessional, casual environment the stress of work leaves the employees and they are in a more jolly mood, which means they will interact better, laugh more and have a good time really knowing each other apart from their work experiences. Personal interactions about likes, dislikes, family etc. will take place outside of the office and will give the team a more warm feeling towards each other. To turn a team into a family and not just employees, you need to talk and get to know each other in an environment that’s not just about deadlines and reports. Travelling provides the perfect getaway from all profession related things.

  1. United Experiences

While travelling you and your team members, do all things together. Be it eating, hens party, driving, sleeping etc. you are doing it all together. It brings the team closer and makes them more aware of each other’s strengths, weaknesses and individual personalities. The team members will do things together during travelling, which will build the team spirit and come in handy in professional situations/ tasks as well.

  1. Fun

Team building trips always have many kinds of team building games which bring out the fun side of all the colleagues. When you’re having fun with the people you work with, it always makes the work environment a little less stressful and the team works better together. When you’re having fun, you automatically become close to one another and this bond penetrates the ‘colleague’ relationship and turns it into ‘friendship’. Team games are also a great way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of team members and how each one looks out for another.  

  1. Memories

Building a good team is like building a family, slowly and gradually you get used to each other, you get familiar with each other’s nature and automatically figure out ways of working with each other at group tasks. Teambuilding activities make for really good memories which all colleagues will hold on to and form eternal bonds with each other. They will always remember the laughters, the fun they had with each other which will somewhere resonate in the work environment making it less stressful and more efficient.  


Organising an effective and efficient team building tour requires fine planning and execution. There are many event planning companies that organise team building trips, activities and hens party in Sydney. These companies specialise in corporate team building activities and tours. You can go through these companies for an effective and professional team building activity which will be more efficient for you and your team. You can also speak to them and discuss your team building needs and requirements.


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