Travel to France

With a population of 54 million (as of 5th May 2010) and bordering countries Italy, Germany, Spain, and Switzerland etc, France has always been in news for different reasons and with a different meaning to people. France is often regarded as the land where good wine and food is abundant.

The country is also known as one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe. It is a romantic place too and you will also find farmhouses that have been restored and made inhabitable when you travel to France.

When to visit France?

The country has a temperate climate where the winters are mild. However, the mountainous regions are excluded from this type of climate. France can be visited throughout the year. However, if you travel to France, you will find tourists between June and September. And during the winters, mid December to mid March is an ideal time too.

Most of the French people descend on coasts when schools close down for the vacation. There is one disadvantage of traveling to France during these periods when schools are closed and the number of tourists increases manifold. The tariff of hotels is usually much higher than what they are round the year.

Landmarks in France attract tourists

The country is known worldwide for several landmarks. And they are as follows -

  1. Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower is one of the prominent symbols that distinguish it from other European countries. Built in the year 1889, the tower is 984 feet in height, almost the height of an eighty storey building. This is one of the favorite tourist attractions which people crave to get a glimpse of.

  1. Cathedral of Notre Dame
Built in the Gothic style, this is a church belonging to the yester years. The church is situated on River Seine nestled between trees on a small island. The construction of the church commenced in 12th century and during the 13th century, it was completed.

  1. Louvre
Labeled as one of the biggest art museums worldwide, you will find paintings on display and works of art by eminent artists like Renoir, Monet, and Cezanne etc.

Important Day in France
If you are lucky enough, you will be able to experience the excitement of the celebrations that take place on this day. If you are interested in the same, travel to France sometime around this time. It is indeed an experience of a lifetime. Just as there are landmarks in France that have made this place famous, July 14th is celebrated with great pomp and show. It is the Bastille Day.

Other places of interest in France
The places of interest mentioned above are undoubtedly the best. However, there are innumerable other places in France where you can spend your holidays. Some of the places of interest in France include the following -

Tourist attractions in Paris

  1. O Chateau Paris Wine Tasting
  2. Musee d' Orsay
  3. Paris Authentic Tours
  4. Musee de l' Orangerie
  5. Sainte Chapelle etc

Tourist attractions in Bordeaux

  1. Port of Moon
  2. Beaute 33
  3. St Andre Cathedral
  4. Opera National de Bordeaux
  5. La Maison du Magret
  6. Chateau Maucaillou etc

Tourist attractions in Cannes

  1. Iles de Lerins
  2. Musee de la Mer
  3. Rue Meynadier
  4. Morrisons Lounge
  5. Plage du Martinez etc

Tourist attractions in Marseille

  1. La Caravelle
  2. Palais et Parc Longchamp
  3. Docks des Suds
  4. Rue Saint Ferreol etc

Reaching France
It is not a difficult task to reach France. The presence of Flexipass, Busabout Pass, The Channel Tunnel, and shuttle trains have made communication and connectivity simpler and faster. As far as train services are concerned, France is well connected with every European nation.

Traveling within the country is not a difficult task. If you are entering France from another country, you have plenty of options too. The 2 international airports in France, Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle have many departures and arrivals everyday from across the globe. So, if you are planning to travel to France, book your tickets beforehand. You can either do it on your own or seek help of a travel agent.

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