Famous Places To Visit in Gibraltar

As Gibraltar is one of the cosmopolitan countries, where you can see a number of cultures is juxtaposed. On one hand, you can see a typical old world charm and on the other hand you can see swanky shopping malls. There are many famous places in Gibraltar which you can visit during your trip to the country. Brief overview regarding different famous places in and around the country is given below.

  • Gibraltar Museum

Gibraltar Museum is one of the most famous places in Gibraltar where you can drop in during your trip to the country. This museum was constructed on 23rd July 1930 and is located at the Ordinance House, which is known as the "Bomb House".

You can trail inside the ancient museum and visit different rooms, which are reminiscent of past, as you can see different ancient artifacts which are still there and reflects 20,000 year old history. You can also see a number of oyster shells that of the Roman period and there is also a small show that of 15 minutes duration which tells you about the geology of the rock and how it was formed.

One of the unique features of this museum is the Moorish Bath that was built during 14th century, during the rule of Menindin Dynasty. It is located below the Gibraltar Museum and it was used as stables during the British at Gibraltar. The ancient bath arena is somewhat similar to the modern day sauna and if you want to have a look at the bath, then you have to enter the museum and have a look from the above.

  • St. Michael's Cave

Trip to the country is incomplete without dropping in at St. Michael's Cave. It is a group of limestone caves which is located in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve. It is one of the most famous places in Gibraltar, which is visited by a number of tourists and there are more than 150 caves which you can see inside the Rock of Gibraltar.

The interiors of the caves are well lit and very well maintained. You can very well read the inscriptions on which the cave's history is written. It is advised not to drop in at the cave during weekends, as it remains mostly crowded. You can reach the cave by car, cab or cable car and if you like to hike you can reach the cave simply by foot.

  • The Great Siege Tunnel

The Great Siege Tunnel is one of the historic places where you can drop in while visiting famous places in Gibraltar. This tunnel was built by the Merchant Marine in order to protect Gibraltar during the time of Great Siege that took place during 1779 to 1783.

This tunnel now is a famous tourist attraction where you can see different kinds of arms and ammunitions that were used during the siege. You can also see holes on the walls which bears cannon marks.

  • The Apes Den

If you walk from the top of the Gibraltar Rock, then you can have a look at the Apes Den which is pretty famous among tourists, as it is entertaining in nature. This place is the abode of the Barbary Apes, which were previously used by the British Army as pets.

There are a number of apes, which performs different kinds of tricks and antiques which are fun to see. Apart from this variety of apes, there are five other varieties of apes which reside in the island. A trip to this place is really funny and entertaining.