Shopping in Spain

Spain sees a huge influx of tourists all the year round, as much for vacationing as for shopping. The shops in Spain range from side-street stalls and open-air flea markets, to designer boutiques selling the newest fashionable dresses. Shopping in Spain is not only fun but also quite time consuming. While Travel to Spain, be sure to have some persuasive haggling powers, a stash of cash and a fist-full of traveler's cheques, there will be no difficult while Shopping in Spain.

Basically, Shopping in Spain is always an adventure, and some of the best places to visit in Spain are the open-air markets and upper end shops in Barcelona and Madrid which are famous for window shoppers and even buyers. While Shopping in Spain one will find items of high quality at a fair price, not only in the cities, but in the small towns as well. In Madrid, the Rastro Market is highly suggested, mainly on Sundays. With a character of its own, half of the market takes place in the open air and half in more permanent galleries.

Shopping in the busy commercial centers of Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga is more or less same as shopping at home with big plazas and department stores offering almost everything. Over all Shopping in Spain can be quite a pleasurable quest if one has plenty of time and don't mind mixing it up with a bit of meandering in the coffee shops or bars for drinks and tapas. Spanish leather goods are quite well renowned and prized throughout the world, offering high-fashion originals at reasonable prices.Of importance are the most popular suede coats and jackets among other things.

On the whole, all types of leather goods are sold in the Spain shops. These goods are mostly those from Andalucía, together with excellent craftsmanship with high-quality design are top favorites. The Spanish guitar is also quite famous and is not only used by some of the great musicians but is eagerly bought by the common people also.

Besides all these, while Shopping in Spain one must remember the fine handcrafted wooden furniture, different types of toy manufacturing, shoe manufacturing especially high quality ones is also sought after while Shopping in Spain. Fine rugs and carpets made in Cáceres, Granada and Murcia are also brought by tourists to take to their homeland. The numerous excellent sherries, wines and spirits produced also make good souvenirs to take back home.

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