Romo, Denmark

Romo, Denmark is one of the most interesting and unique islands, home to some of the spectacular beaches of Denmark. Offering some of the perfect spots to enjoy the beach, in typical Danish style, that is with or without clothing, the island is also known for its natural beauty. It is one of the largest Danish islands in North Sea, located off the western coast of the Jutland island. But despite being the largest island, Romo measures up to a length of 9 kilometers and a width of 6.5 kilometers. What makes the beaches in Romo, Denmark unique is the fact that it houses one of the most popular nudist beaches, with nude bathing being a common phenomenon. In fact, many of its beaches proudly flags the Blue Flag, the latter being the top notch recognition by the EU to beaches with the cleanest waters and which come up to the environmental standards. The western shorelines of Romo, Denmark, facing the North Sea, is home to many popular beaches.

Two of the most popular beaches of Romo, Denmark include Lakolk and Sonderstrand. The former is one of the widest beaches of Europe, with the width measuring up to two miles of sandy beach, beginning from the sand dunes to the ocean. It is a good place to enjoy beach walking, with children playing in the shallow lakes left by the waters. The southern portion of the beach is good for windsurfing, with both small and big waves to try and ride upon. With the especially strong winds, the beach is also a good place to try kite flying, kite surfing and wind sailing, among others. In case interested in windsurfing, do bring your own equipments, as the island does not have any rental facilities. The beach is home to the annually held international kite festival as well. The beach is wide enough to allow both driving and horse riding, the latter being a popular outdoor activity in Romo, Denmark .

The Sonderstrand beach is well known among visitors, mostly Germans, for nude bathing. One of the popular beach activities here is kitebuggying, where small vehicles are pulled by strong kites. Some of the major hamlets are located on the eastern coast of Romo, Denmark. The island is connected with the mainland with a ten kilometer long causeway over the Wadden Sea and home to thousands of sea birds feeding itself. In fact the eastern section of Romo island boasts of being one of the largest feeding sites for birds.

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